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Pava Inc located in Towanda Pennsylvania is a two fold company, our primary business in Spring and Summer is to quarry and distribute beautiful blue and natural stone and in Fall and Winter deicing products keep us busy from morning to night. We take great pride in providing many customers both residential and commercial knowledgeable and friendly customer service no matter what the season. Browse our site to view our stone products and information about our deicing products and if you have any questions do not hesitate to give us a call at 800-908-PAVA (7282). Thank you for stopping by.......

Quality products, excellent service, and personal customer support.

PAVA Incorporated
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RR#2 Box 136A
Towanda, PA 18848

Phone: 570-268-5677
Fax: 570-268-5666
Toll Free: 800-908-PAVA

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